Just because you cant see something, doesn't mean that it cant be highly destructive. Here in the Valley, we experience strong winds. These winds are capable of creating a huge amount of destruction to residential and commercial properties. Strong winds can result in shingles, tiles, fencing and walls being ripped from your structure and property. It could also result in trees and other large objects being blown over onto your structure. Wind damage can also throw up dust and rocks at high velocities potentially shattering glass.

At Resto Clean we partner with specialized builders that will help you get your property back to normal as quickly as possible so that you can return to your everyday life.

Our Services Include

Securing your property immediately including boarding up to prevent theft, injury, or additional damage

Assessing the nature and extent of the damage

Address the pressing matters leading to additional damage

Reinforce damaged walls or Sealing hold in roof or Walls

Restore electric, natural gas, and heat if necessary

Clean Up including removal of debris and trees

Content removal, storage and restoration

Reconstruct to pre-loss condition

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